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Welcome to Our Site

Etihad Overseas Employment is a leading HR professional management organization in Pakistan, poised to be an active partner in the growth of companies world over by providing the technologically advanced and highly qualified human resources from Pakistan. Having well equipped automated corporate offices in Rawalpind and regional offices in Deena (Distt. Jhelum) besides nationwide network of associate offices.
Etihad Overseas Employment is well in a position to deliver world class human resource solutions from Pakistan. To provide prompt and professional services to our overseas clients, Etihad Overseas Employment has entered into strategic alliance with renowned similar players in the Gulf and Far East countries as well.Etihad Overseas Employment recruitment team includes multi-disciplinary Consultants, Specialists and Coordinators with expertise across all functional areas and industries. To meet the specific needs of our clients, Etihad Overseas Employment is providing human resource solutions by offering various services viz.

Today organisations ranging from small and medium sized enterprises to large corporates and multinational companies are approaching. Etihad Overseas Employment to get the manpower of their choice, qualified & experienced team with advanced sourcing and selection techniques, We deliver what we promise.


Job Fair Event

An Open House-2011 titled Job Fair arranged By Etihad Recting Agency. Hundred of peoples participate in this Job fair. Our Cheif guest was from Kingdom of Saudia Arabia. Many other respectful guests were there.


Awards ceremony

Etihad Recruiting be prepared to ask for help. You’ll need to enlist assistance from your colleagues from across the whole business to effectively complete the entry and stand the best chance of winning

Tell everyone that they must complete their task


Directors Meeting

Taking minutes at a meeting is not always a popular activity, but it is an important one. The meeting minutes serve as a record of what action the board of directors has taken. In the eyes of the IRS, courts, and auditors board meeting minutes are legal documents.



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